A New Set of Anthems and Psalm Tunes (John Broderip)

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General information

John Broderip's A New Set of Anthems and Psalm Tunes was his first publication of church music. The Grove Dictionary notes that he advertised for subscribers to the collection 'on 2 September 1740, during a brief period as organist of Minehead', while the Hymn Tune Index notes that it was published in 1745, being advertised in May of that year.

Publication date and place: 1745 in London for the Author

List of works

Pages Description Text
011-5 A Hymn for Christmas Day St Luke Chap. the 2d Behold, I bring you glad tidings
026-10 ANTHEM PSALM the 63d O God, thou art my God
0310-15 ANTHEM for the Martyrdom of King Charles 1st Chap. of the 2d Book of Samuel The beauty of Israel is slain
0415-27 CANTATE DOMINO Psalm 98 O sing unto the Lord a new song
0528-34 Deus Misereatur Psalm the 67 God be merciful unto us
0635 Psalm the 63d New Ver. O God, my gracious God, to thee
0735 Psalm the 103d New Ver My soul, inspired with sacred love
0836 Psalm the 139th New Ver. Thou, Lord, by strictest search hast known
0936-37 Psalm the 57th Ver 7th New Ver O God, my heart is fixed, 'tis bent
1037-38 Psalm the 42d New Ver. As pants the hart for cooling streams
1138 Psalm the 51st New Ver. Have mercy, Lord, on me
1239 Psalm the 84th New Ver. O God of hosts, the mighty Lord
1339-40 Psalm the 80th O Israel's shepherd, Joseph's guide
1440 Psalm the 88th New Ver. To thee, my God and Saviour, I
1541 Psalm the 95th New Ver. O come, loud anthems let us sing
1642 Psalm the 100 New Ver. With one consent let all the earth
1742-43 Psalm the 113th New Ver. Ye saints and servants of the Lord
1843-44 Psalm the 137th New Ver. When we, our weary limbs to rest
1944-45 Psalm the 138th New Ver. With my whole heart, my King and God
2045-46 Psalm the 148th New Ver. Ye boundless realms of joy

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