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Agostino Steffani

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Born: 25 July 1654

Died: 12 February 1728

Steffani was born in Castelfranco Veneto and died at Frankfurt am Main. He served successively as music director for the Electors of Bavaria and Hanover. While at Hanover, he persuaded Handel to come there. He was thus an important factor in that composer's link with England, when a later Elector moved to England as George I. He later served as a diplomat for both Hanover and the Palatinate at Düsseldorf. He was papal pronotary at Düsseldorf, with the rank of bishop. He wrote operas and over 100 two-part cantatas.

Britannica online gives his birth year as 1654, Wikipedia as 1653.

View the Wikipedia article on Agostino Steffani.

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