Cancioneiro de Elvas

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General description

The Cancioneiro de Elvas is a Renaissance songbook of Portuguese music from the 16th century. It is one important source of secular music from the Iberian Renaissance. The Elvas Songbook was found in 1928 in the library of Elvas, by the musicologist Manuel Joaquim. It was copied in the 16th century and is divided in two parts:

  • The first part is musical: contains 65 works of polyphonic (3 voices) secular music from Portugal and Spain. The poems used are villancicos and cantigas.
  • The second part is literary: contains 36 poems without music.

Publication date and place: post 1500 – Manuscript.

The musical part of the songbook has been studied and transcribed by three musicologists - Manuel Joaquim, Manuel Morais and Gil Miranda.

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