Chester Book of Motets 11

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General information

Title: Chester Book of Motets 11: The Flemish and German Schools for 5 Voices

Series: Chester Book of Motets

Editors / Compilers: Anthony G. Petti

Publisher: Chester Music


ISBN-10: 0711969647
ISBN-13: 978-0711969643

Voicing of works: SSATB or SAATB

Publication date and place: 1980 by Chester Music, London


Tip: Titles in the left column which appear in blue are hyperlinks to the score page on CPDL - click on them for free editions.

Ordered numerically by appearance in the book.

Note: This listing is of the original publication, published 1980. Future editions may vary in their contents.

Title Composer Voices Usage
1 Ave Maria Jacobus Clemens non Papa SSATB Blessed Virgin; Advent; Annunciation
2 Justorum Animae Orlando di Lasso SSATB All Saints; Feasts of Martyrs
3 Peccantem Me Quotidie Philippe de Monte SSATB All Souls; Funeral; Lent
4 Stetit Jesus Jacob Regnart SSATB Easter
5 Jubilate Deo Cipriano de Rore SAATB Christmas; General
6 Magi Videntes Stellam Blasius Ammon SSATB Epiphany
7 In Nomine Jesu Jacob Handl SAATB Holy Name; Christ
8 Cantate Domino Hans Leo Hassler SSATB Christmas; General
9 Eripe Me de Inimicis Andreas Raselius SSATB Holy Week; All Souls; Lent