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General Information

The Codex Speciálník is a 15th-century speciálník (i.e., special songbook) originating from a monastery in the region of Praha (Prague). Its eclectic mix of Medieval and Renaissance a cappella sacred music is matched only by its briliant juxtapositions of well-known and obscure pieces and composers. Containing works for two, three, and four voices, the Codex is a treasure trove for musicologist and musician alike.

Publication date and place: ca. 1450 – Manuscript.

List of works available on CPDL

Title Composer
  1. Ave Maria a 4 Josquin des Prez
  2. Congaudemus pariter / En lux immensa Anonymous
  3. In natali Domini Anonymous
  4. Nobis est natus Anonymous
  5. Presidiorum erogatrix Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz
  6. Presulem ephebeatum Petrus Wilhelmi de Grudencz
  7. Pulcherrima rosa Anonymous
  8. Salve mater gracie Anonymous
  9. Sophia nasci fertur / O quam pulchra racio /
Magi videntes stellam
10. Tota pulchra es John Plummer
11. Utěšený nám den nastal Anonymous

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