Far, far beyond these lower skies

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This is an hymn by Samuel Medley, first published in 1789. This version is from Medley's book Hymns published in 1800, where it appears as Hymn 145, entitled The Forerunner, based on Hebrews 6:20.

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English.png English text

1.Far, far beyond these lower skies,
Up to the glories all his own,
Where we, by ſaith, lift up our eyes,
There Jesus, our forerunner's gone.

2. Amidst the shining hosts above,
Where his blessed smile new pleasure gives,
Where all is wonder, joy, and love,
There Jesus, our forerunner, lives.

3. High on his throne of heavenly light
Eternal glories He sustains,
While saints and angels bless the sight;
There Jesus, out Forerunner, reigns.


4. There, while his course he ever runs,
Glory his radiant crown entwines;
And brighter than ten thousand suns,
There Jesus, our forerunner, shines.

5. He lives, salvation to impart
From sin, and Satan's cursed wiles,
With love eternal in his heart,
There Jesus, our forerunner, smiles.

6. Before his heavenly Father's face,
For every saint he intercedes,
And, with infallible success,
There Jesus, our forerunner, pleads.


7. But, O, 'tis this completes the whole,
And all its bliss and glory proves:
That, while eternal ages roll,
There Jesus, our forerunner, loves.

8. We shall, when we in heaven appear,
His praises sing, his wonders tell;
And, with our great forerunner, there
For ever, yes, for ever dwell.

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