Five Anthems, Four Collects, Twenty Psalm Tunes (Joseph Key)

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Joseph Key's book Five Anthems, Four Collects, Twenty Psalm Tunes, Three Carols, A Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis … Book III was the third of his four books of psalmody to be published, and the first to be published posthumously: Key was buried at Nuneaton on 20 September 1784.

Publication date and place: ca. 1785 for Mrs. Key in London.

The Hymn Tune Index notes that the collection was advertised by Key's widow, Elizabeth, in the 10 December 1785 issue of the Leicester Journal, and that the copy at the British Library, classmark G.521.(3)., is a later reissue [c1807]: the title page of this reissue advertises the three other books of psalmody by Key, including his fourth book Five Anthems and Four Hymns (first published c1790).

List of works

Pages Description Text
011-4 Anthem I for Easter Day The Lord is risen indeed
025-8 Anthem II Psalm XXIII proper for the Holy Sacrament The Lord is my shepherd
039-11 Anthem III Psalm CIII. Verse XIX The Lord hath prepared his seat in heaven
0412-14 Anthem IV Psalm CXLVIII O praise the Lord of heaven
0515-18 Anthem V for Funerals taken from the Burial Service I am the Resurrection and the Life
0619-20 The Second Collect at Morning Prayer for Peace O God, the author of peace
0721-22 The Collect for the Second Sunday in Advent Blessed Lord, who hast caused
0823-24 The Collect for the Sixth Sunday after Trinity O God, who hast prepared
0925-26 The Collect for the Communion Almighty God, unto whom
1027 Psalm XVIth Verse 8 I set the Lord still in my sight
1127-28 Psalm XVIIIth Verses 9, 10, 11 & 12 The Lord descended from above
1229 Psalm XXIII My shepherd is the living Lord
1329-30 Psalm XXIV. Verse 7. Ye gates and everlasting doors
1431 Psalm XXXIVth Verses 7, 8, & 9. The angel of the Lord doth pitch
1532 Psalm XXXVII. Verse 37. Mark and behold the upright man
1632 Psalm XXXIX. Verse 5. Lord, number out my life and days
1733 Psalm XLVII Verses 5 & 6 Our God ascended up on high
1834 Psalm XXXIV Verse 11. Come near to me, my children, and
1934 Psalm LVII Verse 9 My heart is set to laud the Lord
2035 Psalm LXVII Verse. 34. Therefore, ye kingdoms of the earth
2136 Psalm LXXXI Be light and glad, in God rejoice
2237 Psalm LXXXIV How pleasant is thy dwelling place
2338 Psalm XCVI Verses 7 8 9 & 10 Ascribe unto the Lord, therefore
2439 Psalm CXX In trouble and in thrall
2539 Psalm CXXI I lift mine eyes to Sion hill
2640 Psalm CXII I did in heart rejoice
2741 Psalm CXXXIII O what a happy thing it is
2842 Psalm CXXXIX O Lord, thou hast me tried and known
2942 Psalm CL Yield unto God the mighty Lord
3043 Carol I Hail happy morn, thrice happy we
3144 Carol II As shepherds watched their fleecy care
3245 Carol III He comes, let every heart rejoice
3346-47 Magnificat My soul doth magnify the Lord
3448 Nunc Dimittis Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart

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