Gabriel Angelus apparuit Zachariae

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General information

Based on Luke 1:13-15.

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Gabriel [Arch]angelus apparuit Zachariae, dicens:
Nascetur tibi filius, nomen ejus Joannes vocabitur:
Et multi in nativitate ejus gaudebunt.
Erit enim magnus coram Domino.
Vinum et siceram non bibet,

German.png German translation

Der Engel Gabriel erschien Zacharias, wobei er sagte:
Dir wird ein Sohn geboren werden, dessen Name wird Johannes genannt werden:
Und viele werden sich über seine Geburt freuen.

English.png English translation

The [Arch]angel Gabriel appeared to Zachariah, saying:
A son shall be born to you, his name shall be called John:
And many shall rejoice at his birth.
For he will be great in the sight of the Lord.
Wine and strong drink he will not use,

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