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CPDL currently has a problem. Some scores have been temporarily lost during the transfer from the old site format into the new CPDL wiki format. The scores themselves have not been deleted, but the pages that link to them no longer exist, which makes them (almost) inaccessible.

If you're familiar with the wiki format (perhaps from sites like Wikipedia), you could help CPDL enormously by rescuing and reinstating some of those duplicate scores. This is a very involved procedure, and not for the faint-hearted...

How did this happen?

CPDL has always had multiple editions of some scores: for instance, there are lots of versions of Mozart's Ave verum.

When CPDL was first transferred to wiki format, every score on the old site was tranformed into a page on the new site and then imported. However, when several scores on the old site had exactly the same title and composer (because they were multiple editions of the same score), only one of those scores was transformed into a page.

This means that there are now lots of duplicate scores on CPDL - which are different editions of the same work by the same composer - which have been temporarily lost.

Where can I find a list of duplicated scores?

Right here.

How can I fix one of these problems?

Take a deep breath and have a go at following the instructions below.

Step One

Go to the composer's page - let's say, Josquin des Prez. Let's try to combine all editions of this composer's 'Ave Verum' onto the same page. The composer's page lists 4 entries:

File:Combining different editions 1.JPG

Notice that there are different spellings of the work’s name: "Ave Verum" and "Ave verum". This is important, because it means that there are two different pages on CPDL, one per spelling. The first is named 'Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)' and the second is named 'Ave verum (Josquin des Prez)'. Each page has different information on it.

Note: Just to be awkward, some composers made multiple different settings of the same text during their lifetimes. Before you continue, you should be sure that the duplicate scores you're working with really are duplicate scores, i.e. different editions of the same work. You could try opening the pdf or source files on separate windows to compare them.
Also: Arrangements for a different number of voices or transpositions are considered to be duplicates, and should be listed on the same page as the original.
Also: sometimes the same work is listed under two different, but similar, titles.

Step Two

OK. Since we have 2 different spellings, we'll have to go into these two pages.

When you click on the first of the list, "Ave Verum", you go to the "Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)" page that has the catalogue number CPDL #3317. Here it is:

File:Combining different editions 2.JPG

Step Three

Go to the history tab. A list of all the versions that this page has had appears. Click on the oldest version, at the bottom of the list.

File:Combining different editions 3.JPG

Now the page that appears has a different catalogue number: CPDL #1281. This is one of our elusive missing scores!

File:Combining different editions 4.JPG

Step Four

Click on edit this page and copy the information that appears between the following two lines: ==Music files== and ==General information==. Paste this into a spare text file for future use. Don’t save the page - you haven’t changed anything yet.

File:Combining different editions 5.JPG

Step Five

Go back to the history tab, and check if the next oldest version has a different CPDL number from the oldest, and from the current version of the page. If it has, repeat the process described in Step Four above, copying the relevant information into that same spare text file. You are basically hunting through old versions of the page to find out how many different scores (identified by their different CPDL catalogue numbers) have been lost.

Important: Please take a look at the General Information section of each version, particularly at voicing. If this is different from edition to edition, it would be a good idea to add this information to the Edition notes so it won't get lost in the process of combining editions on the same page.

Step Six

As soon as you have all the information about all music files, you can edit the current version of the page. Just go back to the current version of the page, click on article and then on edit this page. Paste the information you collected on the text file into the section ==Music files==, following the one CPDL catalogue number that already exists. If possible, please list the editions in reverse order, so the most recent edition is on top of the list.

Step Seven

Save the page.

If everything works out all right, then your page should now list all the lost editions, and the links should work. For instance, the "Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)" page should have, under the Music files heading, these two editions:

CPDL #3317
CPDL #1281

Don't worry if something hasn't worked out right. It's always possible to restore previous versions of the page!

Step Eight

If all is well, now you have to repeat the process of copying the music file information for any other pages which have slightly different spellings in their titles - in our example, for the page that has the name "Ave verum (Josquin des Prez)". Click on its name on the composer's page and repeat the history - edit this page process to collect the information about these editions (CPDL #5197 and CPDL #1952). Paste this information into the section ==Music files== of the "Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)" that you treated previously. After this, all four editions of this work should be listed on the "Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)" page:

CPDL #5197
CPDL #3317
CPDL #1952
CPDL #1281

Step Nine

Nearly done! With all the lost scores now recovered, all we need to do is tidy up a few things.

Firstly, we still have two different pages for the same work ("Ave verum (Josquin des Prez)" and "Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)": different spellings, different pages!), and we also have four entries on the composer's page!

Let's first fix the 2 different pages. on the page that you didn't add the different editions to ("Ave verum (Josquin des Prez")), click on "edit this page". Delete everything and write #redirect[[Ave Verum (Josquin des Prez)]] It has to be the exact name of the page where all the information is. Save the page.

Step Ten

Now go to the composer's page. Edit the page, find the listing of the four works under ==List of choral works==. Keep the one you added the different editions to (the first of the list), delete the other 3 entries and add, on the one that you kept: ''multiple editions available'' (the 2 single quotes '' format the text in italic).

File:Combining different editions 6.JPG

Step Eleven

All done. Thanks a lot!

If you still have doubts and questions, please feel free to post them at the user forum.

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