Inviolata integra et casta

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Text and translations

Latin.png Latin text

Inviolata, integra et casta es Maria: Quae es effecta fulgida caeli porta.
O Mater alma Christi carissima: Suscipe pia laudum praeconia.
Te nunc flagitant devota corda et ora: Nostra ut pura pectora sint et corpora.
Tua per precata dulcisona: Nobis concedas veniam per saecula.
O benigna! O Regina! O Maria! Quae sola inviolata permansisti.

English.png English translation

Inviolate, whole and chaste are you, Mary: you are the shining gate of heaven.
O kind mother, dearest to Christ, accept our faithful hymns of praise.
To you our hearts and lips cry out: may our souls and bodies be pure.
Through your prayers' sweet sounds grant us forgiveness for ever.
O kindly one! O Queen! O Mary! you alone remain inviolate.

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