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John Dowland

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Born: c.1563

Buried: February 20, 1626


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List of vocal works

The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597)

of foure parts, with Tableture for the Lute.
  1. Unquiet thoughts
  2. Who ever thinks or hopes of love for love
  3. My thoughts are winged with hopes
  4. If my complaints could passions move
  5. Can she excuse my wrongs with virtue's cloak
  6. Now, O now, I needs must part
  7. Dear, if you change I'll never choose again
  8. Burst forth my tears
  9. Go crystal tears
  10. Thinkst thou then by thy feigning
  11. Come away, come sweet love
  12. Rest a while you cruel cares
  13. Sleep wayward thoughts
  14. All ye, whom love or fortune hath betrayed
  15. Wilt thou unkind thus reave me of my heart?
  16. Would my conceit that first enforced my woe
  17. Come again sweet love doth now invite
  18. His golden locks time hath to silver turn'd
  19. Awake sweet love thou art returned
  20. Come heavy sleep
  21. Away with these self-loving lads
A Galliard for two to play upon one Lute

The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600)

of 2.4.and 5.parts: With Tableture for the Lute or Orpherian, with the Violl de Gamba.

Numbers 1-8 are songs for 2 voices
Numbers 9-20 are songs for 4 voices
Numbers 21-22 are songs for 5 voices

Praise God upon the lute and viol
  1. I saw my lady weep
  2. Flow my tears, fall from your springs
  3. Sorrow, sorrow, stay, lend true repentant tears
  4. Die not before thy day
  5. Mourn, mourn, day is with darkness fled
  6. Time's eldest son, Old Age, the heir of Ease (First part)
  7. Then sit thee down and say thy 'Nunc dimittis' (Second part)
  8. When others sing 'Venite exultemus' (Third part)
  9. Praise blindness eyes, for seeing is deceit
  10. O sweet woods, the delight of solitariness
  11. If floods of tears could cleanse my follies past
  12. ''Fine knacks for Ladies, cheap, choice, brave and new
  13. Now cease my wandering eyes
  14. Come ye heavy states of night
  15. White as lilies was her face
  16. Woeful heart with grief oppressed
  17. A shepherd in a shade his plaining made
  18. Faction that ever dwells in court
  19. Shall I sue, shall I seek for grace
  20. Toss not my soul
  21. Clear or cloudy sweet as April showering
  22. Humour say what makst thou here
Dowland's adieu for Master Oliver Cromwell.

The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Aires (1603)

Newly composed to sing to the Lute, Orpharion, or viols, and a dialogue for a base and meane Lute with five voices to sing thereto.
  1. Farewell too fair
  2. Time stands still
  3. Behold a wonder here
  4. Daphne was not so chaste as she was changing
  5. Me me and none but me
  6. When Phœbus first did Daphne love
  7. Say love if ever thou didst find
  8. Flow not so fast ye fountains
  9. What if I never speed
  10. Love stood amazed at sweet beauty's pain
  11. Lend your ears to my sorrow good people
  12. By a fountain where I lay
  13. Oh what hath overwrought my all amazed thought
  14. Farewell unkind farewell
  15. Weep you no more sad fountains
  16. Fie on this faining, is love without desire
  17. I must complain, yet do enjoy
  18. It was a time when silly Bees could speak
  19. The lowest trees have tops
  20. What poor astronomers are they
  21. Come when I call, or tarry till I come

Three songs from A Musicall Banquet (1610)

A Pilgrimes Solace (1612)

Wherein is contained Musicall Harmonie of 3. 4. and 5. parts, to be sung and plaid with the Lute and Viols
  1. Disdain me still
  2. Sweet stay a while
  3. To ask for all thy love
  4. Love those beams that breed
  5. Shall I strive with words to move
  6. Were every thought an eye
  7. Stay time a while thy flying
  8. Tell me true Love where shall I seek thy being
  9. Go nightly cares
  10. From silent night
  11. Lasso vita mia, mi fa morire
  12. In this trembling shadow
  13. If that a sinner's sighs be Angels' food
  14. Thou mighty God (Part 1)
  15. When David's life by Saul (Part 2)
  16. When the poor Cripple (Part 3)
  17. Where sin sore wounding
  18. My heart and tongue were twins
  19. Up merry mates
  20. Welcome black night
  21. Cease these false sports

Other works

Henry Nowell Lamentations (according to IMSLP, written 1597 and published later as part of A Pilgrim's Solace)

  1. O Lord, turn not away thy face
  2. Lord in thy wrath reprove me not
  3. O Lord consider my distress
  4. O Lord of whom I do depend
  5. Where righteousness doth say
  6. Lord to thee I make my moan (1597)
  7. Lord hear my prayer

Other sacred works

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  • The First Booke of Songs or Ayres (1597)
  • The Second Booke of Songs or Ayres (1600)
  • The Third and Last Booke of Songs or Aires (1603)
  • A Pilgrimes Solace (1612)

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