Listed into the cause of sin

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This is an hymn by Charles Wesley, from Hymns and Sacred Poems, Volume 2, 1749, Hymn 188, entitled The True Use of Music.

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1. Listed into the cause of sin,
Why should a good be evil?
Music, alas! Too long has been
Pressed to obey the devil:
Drunken, or lewd, or light the lay
Flowed to the soul’s undoing,
Widened, and strewed with flowers the way
Down to eternal ruin.

2. Who on the part of God will rise,
Innocent sound recover?
Fly on the prey, and take the prize,
Plunder the carnal lover,
Strip him of every moving strain,
Every melting measure,
Music in virtue’s cause retain,
Rescue the holy pleasure!


3. Come let us try if Jesus' love
Will not as well inspire us:
This is the theme of those above,
This upon earth shall fire us.
Say, if your hearts are tuned to sing,
Is there a subject greater?
Harmony all its strains may bring,
Jesus’s name is sweeter.

4. Jesus the soul of music is;
His is the noblest passion:
Jesus’s name is joy and peace,
Happiness and salvation:
Jesus’s name the dead can raise,
Show us our sins forgiven,
Fill us with all the life of grace,
Carry us up to heaven.


5. Who hath a right like us to sing,
Us whom his mercy raises?
Merry our hearts, for Christ is King,
Cheerful are all our faces:
Who of his love doth once partake
He evermore rejoices:
Melody in our hearts we make,
Melody with our voices.

6. He that a sprinkled conscience hath,
He that in God is merry,
Let him sing psalms, the Spirit saith,
Joyful, and never weary,
Offer the sacrifice of praise,
Hearty, and never ceasing,
Spiritual songs and anthems raise,
Honor, and thanks, and blessing.


7. Then let us in his praises join,
Triumph in his salvation,
Glory ascribe to love divine,
Worship, and adoration:
Heaven already is begun,
Opened in each believer;
Only believe, and still sing on,
Heaven is ours forever.

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