Llibre Vermell de Montserrat

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The Llibre Vermell de Montserrat (Catalan for "Red Book of Montserrat") is a collection of late medieval songs. The 14th century manuscript was located at the monastery of Montserrat outside Barcelona in Catalonia.

The ten anonymous songs in the collection that survive are divided in three genres:

  • 3 canons
  • 2 polyphonic chants
  • 5 danses
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List of works

Folio Title Genre
  1. 21v-22 O Virgo splendens ("O Splendid Virgin") Canon a 3
  2. 22-22v Stella splendens in monte ("Splendid Star") Danse: virelais a 2
  3. 23 Laudemus Virginem ("Let us praise the Virgin") Canon a 3
  4. 23 Splendens ceptigera ("Splendid ruler") Canon a 3
  5. 23v Los set gotxs ("The seven joys") Danse: balada a 1
  6. 24 Cuncti simus concanentes ("Let us sing together") Danse: virelais a 1
  7. 24v Polorum Regina ("Queen of the Poles") Danse a 1
  8. 25 Mariam matrem virginem attolite ("Praise Mary, the virgin mother") Polyphonic chant: virelais a 3
  9. 25v Imperayritz de la ciutat joyosa ("Empress of the happy city")
Verges ses par misericordiosa ("Virgin, out of mercy")
Polyphonic chant: virelais a 2
10. 26v Ad mortem festinamus ("We hasten towards death") Death dance


These are the folios of the Llivre Vermell that contain musical scores:

Folio 21v
Folio 22r
Folio 22v
Folio 23r
Folio 23v
Folio 24r
Folio 24v
Folio 25r
Folio 25v
Folio 26r
Folio 26v

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