Lupus Hellinck

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Aliases: Wulfaert Hellinck; Hellinc; Helling


Born: c. 1493

Died: c. 1541


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List of choral works at CPDL

Sacred works

Masses and mass sections

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Secular works


Flemish songs No works currently available

Other works not listed above
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      Choral works not at CPDL


      • Missa Christus resurgens a 4v
      • Missa Confitemini Domino a 4v (attributed to Hellinck), super Mouton’s motet
      • Missa Ego sum qui sum a 5v, super Jean Richafort motet
      • Missa Jam non dicam vos servos a 4v, super Jean Richafort motet
      • Missa In te Domine speravi a 4v, super Hellinck's own motet
      • Missa Intemerata virgo a 4v, super Josquin motet Vultum tuum deprecabuntur
      • Missa Mater Patris a 4v, super Brumel motet
      • Missa Panis quem ego dabo a4 v, super Hellinck's own motet
      • Missa Peccata mea a 4v, super Jean Richafort motet
      • Missa Surge propera amica a 4v, super Johannes Lupi motet
      • Missa Surrexit pastor bonus a 5v, super Andreas de Silva motet); attrib. Lupus Italus
      • Missa Veni sponsa Christi a 5v, super Jean Richafort motet; attrib. Hesdin
      • Missa Virgo mater salvatoris a 4v, super an anonymous motet


      • Beati omnes qui timent Dominum a 4v
      • Cursu festa dies sydereo a 5v
      • Ego sum panis vitae a 4v
      • Hodiernae lux diei a 4v
      • In te Domine speravi a 5v
      • Joannes Jesu Christo a 4v
      • Laetetur omne saeculum a 4v
      • Mane surgens Jacob a 4v
      • Ne projicias me a 5v
      • O veneranda martyrum a 5v
      • Panis quem ego dabo a 4v
      • Pater noster a 5v
      • Primo die Sabbatorum a 4v
      • Qui confidunt in Domino a 5v
      • Usquequo Domine oblivisceris me a 4v


      • Christ lag in Todesbanden a 4v
      • Durch Adams Fall ist ganz verderbt a 4v
      • Ein feste Burg ist unser Gott
      • Mensch, wilt du leben seliglich a 4v
      • Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin a 4v
      • Wohl dem, der in Gottes Furchte steht a 4v


      • Nouvel amour le mien cueur a 4v
      • O Attropoz viens bien tost a 4v
      • Quand l’amitié a 4v
      • Vostre beaulté plaisant et lyé a 4v (attrib. Gombert in some of the partbooks, Hellinck in others)

      Flemish Songs

      • Aenhoert al myn geclach a 4v (anon. in one attribution, Lupus in another)
      • Ianne moye al claer a 4v
      • Nieuwe almanack ende pronosticatie a 4v

      Works Likely to Have Been Misattributed

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