Musica Transalpina

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Description: A series of books containing Italian madrigals, translated into English by Nicholas Young.

  1. 1588. Musica Transalpina: Madrigals Translated of foure. fiue and sixe Parts, Chosen out of Divers Excelient Authors, with the First and Second part of La Verginella made by Maister Byrd. London: Thomas Este. Publication date and place: 1588 by Thomas Este in London.
  2. 1597. Musica Transalpina: The Second Booke of Madrigalles, to 5, & 6. Voices; Translated out of Sundrie Italian Authors. London: Thomas Este. Publication date and place: 1597 by Thomas Este in London.

For 4 voices

1. These that be certain signs (Noë Faignient)
2. The fair Diana (Giovanni de Macque)
3. Joy so delights my heart (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
4. False Love now shoot (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
5. O grief, if yet my grief (Baldassare Donato)
6. As in the night (Baldassare Donato)
7. In vain he seeks for beauty (Philippe de Monte)
8. What meaneth Love to nest him (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
9. Sweet Love when hope (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
10. Lady that hand (Marc'Antonio da Pordenon)
11. Who will ascend (Giaches de Wert)
12. Lady your look so gentle (Cornelis Verdonck)

For 5 voices

13-14. From what part of the heaven - In vain he seeks (Philippe de Monte)
15. In every place (Anonymous)
16-18. Thyrsis to die desired - Thyrsis that heat refrained - Thus these two lovers (Luca Marenzio)
19. Susanna fair (Orlando di Lasso)
20. Susanna fair whom lying lips (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
21. When shall I cease (Noë Faignient)
22. I must depart (Luca Marenzio)
23. I saw my lady weeping (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
24. Like as from heaven (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
25. So gracious is thy sweet self (Giovanni Ferretti)
26. Cruel unkind (Giovanni Ferretti)
27. What doth my pretty dearling (Luca Marenzio)
28-29. Sleep mine only jewel - Thou bringst her home (Stefano Felis)
30. Sound out my voice (Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina)
31. Liquid and watery pearls (Luca Marenzio)
32. The nightingale (Orlando di Lasso)
33. Within a greenwood (Giovanni Ferretti)
34. Sometime when hope relieved me (Rinaldo del Mel)
35. Rubies and pearls (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
36. O sweet kiss (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
37. Sometime my hope (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
38. Lady that hand of plenty (Lelio Bertani)
39. My heart alas (Girolamo Conversi)
40. Lady, if you so spite me (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
41. When I would thee embrace (Giovanni Battista Pinello di Ghirardi)
42. Thyrsis enjoyed the graces (Alfonso Ferrabosco)
43. The nightingale so pleasant and so gay (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
44-45. The fair young virgin - But not so soon (William Byrd)

For 6 voices

46. I will go die for pure love (Luca Marenzio)
47. These be certain signs (Alfonso Ferrabosco)
48. So far from my delight (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
49. She only doth not feel it (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
50. Lo here my heart (Anonymous)
51. Now must I part (Luca Marenzio)
52. Zephirus brings the time (Girolamo Conversi)
53. But with me wretch (Girolamo Conversi)
54. I was full near my fall (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
55. But as the bird (Alfonso Ferrabosco I)
56. I sung sometime (Luca Marenzio)
57. Because my love (Luca Marenzio)