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Born: 13 May 1746 in Bolton, Tolland County, Connecticut

Died: 20 Oct 1815 in Smithfield, New York


Oliver Brownson was an American composer, who lived in Connecticut for much of his life. In 1775 he married Sarah Merrels, and they had at least one child. Oliver Brownson was a singing master in Connecticut during the last two to three decades of the 18th Century.

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List of choral works


1. Published in Andrew Law's Sacred Harmony, 1779

2. Published in Jocelin and Doolittle's Chorister's Companion, 1782

3. Published in Brownson's Select Harmony, 1783

4. Published in Brownson's Select Harmony, 1784

5. Published in Brownson's Select Harmony, 1790

6. Published in Brownson's New Collection of Sacred Harmony, 1797


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  • Brownson, Oliver. 1783. Select Harmony, Containing the Necessary Rules of Psalmody, Together With a Collection of Approved Psalm Tunes, Hymns and Anthems. Hartford, Connecticut. 100 pp. Further editions in 1784, 1785, and 1790.
  • Brownson, Oliver. 1797. A new Collection of Sacred Harmony. Simsbury, Connecticut. 56 pp.


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