Original Psalm and Hymn Tunes (James Shoubridge)

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General information

Publication history

James Shoubridge's Original Psalm and Hymn Tunes was published in 1837. The book is not dated itself, but was included in the 'Weekly List of New Publications' on p128 of The Musical World, no. 48, vol. 4, of 10 February 1837, where it was listed as 'Shoubridge's original Psalms and Hymns … Blackman'.

The imprint states that the book was 'Published for the Author by W. BLACKMAN, 5, Bridge Street, Southwark, Sold also by G. Berger, Bookseller, Holywell Street, Strand, and all Music and Booksellers throughout the United Kingdom.'

Publication date and place: 1837 by W. Blackman in London.

The book was published by subscription: subscribers include Thomas Clark, whose daughter Catherine married James Shoubridge in August 1837.

Description of contents

The book consists of 36 metrical psalm or hymn tunes, written for four voice parts (identified in the first piece in the book, on p1, as CANTO – ALTO – TENORE – BASSO). The alto and tenor parts are printed in the C clef, with the clef positioned with middle C on the third space up of the stave (equivalent to writing these parts in the treble clef an octave above their sounding pitch). Shoubridge describes his decision to do this in a prefatory note:

N.B. In order to do away with the impropriety of placing the Treble Clef in the Alto and Tenor parts, and at the same time to obviate the difficulty Amateurs generally find in singing or playing from the Alto and Tenor Clefs, the Author has ventured in the following work to place the C Clef on the third space of the stave, by which means the notes will stand in just the same situation, as if written in the Treble Clef; but their pitch according to the C Clef being at the same time considered an octave lower. The Author feels justified in adopting the above plan from an impression that the C Clef is a moveable one, and may be placed in any part of the Stave; he feels at the same time bound in justice to acknowledge it a suggestion of his friend Mr R. Clark of His Majesty's Chapels Royal, who has a work on this subject nearly ready for publication.

A keyboard accompaniment is given throughout: the title page refers to this as 'a Separate Accompaniment for the Organ or Piano Forte', while the accompaniment staves are marked 'ORGANO' in the first piece in the book. The keyboard accompaniments are fully written out on two staves, and neither the bass voice parts nor the keyboard left hand parts are figured. For the most part, the accompaniments double the voice parts.

Several of the tunes were republished in the collections The Union Tune Book and British Psalmody, both edited by Thomas Clark.

List of works

Pages Description Text
011 REDEMPTION. P.M. Hymn 69 Rippon's Selection. Now begin the heavenly theme
022 SALVATION. C.M. Hymn 88. B: 2 Dr Watts. Salvation, O the joyful sound
033 SANCTUARY. P.M. Psalm 122. Dr Watts. How pleased and blest was I
044-5 PERPETUITY. P.M. Hymn 297. Part 2. Rippons Selection. My God, thy boundless love we praise
056 SUPPLICATION. P.M. Hymn 363. Rippon's Selection. Lord, we come before thee now
067 PALMYRA. C.M. Psalm 34. New Version. Through all the changing scenes of life
078-9 PARADISE. P.M. Hymn 585. Rippon's Selection. On wings of faith, mount up my soul and rise
0810 REFLECTION. C.M. Hymn 647. Dr Collyer. Dark was the night and cold the ground
0911 BANQUET. L.M. Hymn 68. B: 2. Dr Watts. Behold the Rose of Sharon here
1012-13 QUIESCENCE. P.M. Hymn 939. Dr Collyer. Think, O ye who fondly languish
1114 LYSTRA. S.M. Hymn 260. Rippon's Selection. Ye humble souls, rejoice
1215 CONSOLATION. C.M. Hymn 194. Lady Huntingdon's Collection. How sweet the name of Jesus sounds
1316-17 PORTION. P.M. Hymn 301. Rippon's Selection. Rise, my soul, and stretch thy wings
1418 VISITATION. C.M. Hymn 3. B: 2. Dr Watts. Why do we mourn departing friends
1519 SYMPATHY. C.M. Hymn 557. Rippon's Selection. When blooming youth is snatched away
1620-21 PENITENCE. S.M.D. Hymn 105. Wesley. O that I could repent
1722 ADMIRATION. L.M. Hymn 67. B: 1. Dr Watts. Thou whom my soul admires above
1823 GRATITUDE. L.M. Hymn 301. Lady Huntingdon's Collection. Now in a song of grateful praise
1924 HUMILIATION. C.M. Hymn 55. B: 2. Dr Watts. Thee we adore, eternal name
2025 RESPIRATION. P.M. Hymn 673. Dr Collyer. On the mountain's top appearing
2126 SAUNDERSTEAD. P.M. Hymn 427. Rippon's Selection. O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave
2227 PURITY. C.M. Psalm 1. New Version. How blest is he who ne'er consents
2328-29 IMMUTABILITY. P.M. Hymn 13. Mann's Original's Mid changing scenes of grief and sin'Mid changing scenes of grief and sin
2430 SECURITY. L.M. Psalm 18. Dr Watts. Just are thy ways, and true thy word

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
How pleased and blest was I 1837 3 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Through all the changing scenes of life 1837 7 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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