Request:Zheni me mamo (Bulgarian folk song) (Traditional)

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Title: Zheni me mamo (Bulgarian folk song)

Composer: Traditional

Date of request: 2002-02-21

Requested by: Lee Butterman

Additional notes: Sung in 'in the bedroom'; the words are fairly like this:

Zheni me mamo, zheni me Zheni me star ale mamo, zhenen da yo da (2x) Dorde sa mamo, dorde sa Dorde sam star ale mamo, dorde Mlado zele no Dorde sam star ale mamo Mlado zele no

Dorde mi mamo, dorde mi Dorde mi star ale mamo, ruba pri lega (2x) Dorde me mamo, dorde me Dorde me star ale mamo, mumiskaya (2x)

Editor's note: Check copyright for this piece

Status: Requested