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Robert Schumann

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Born: 8 June 1810

Died: 29 July 1856


Robert Schumann, sometimes given as Robert Alexander Schumann, was a German composer, aesthete and influential music critic. He is one of the most famous Romantic composers of the 19th century.

He had hoped to pursue a career as a virtuoso pianist, having been assured by his teacher Friedrich Wieck that he could become the finest pianist in Europe after only a few years of study with him. However, a hand injury prevented those hopes from being realized, and he decided to focus his musical energies on composition. His published compositions were, until 1840, all for the piano; he later composed works for piano and orchestra, many lieder, four symphonies, an opera, and other orchestral, choral and chamber works. His writings about music appeared mostly in Die neue Zeitschrift für Musik ("The New Journal for Music"), a Leipzig-based publication that he jointly founded.

In 1840, after a long and acrimonious legal battle with her father, he married pianist Clara Wieck, a considerable figure of the Romantic period in her own right. For the last two years of his life, after an attempted suicide, Schumann was confined to a mental institution.

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List of vocal works

List of choral works


Masses and Requiems

Mixed voices

  1. Der König von Thule
  2. Schön-Rohtraut
  3. Heidenröslein
  4. Ungewitter
  5. John Anderson
  1. An die Sterne
  2. Ungewisses Licht
  3. Zuversicht
  4. Talismane, Op. 141, No. 4

Men's chorus

Women's chorus

Arrangements for chorus


  • Liederkreis opus 24 (Heine)
    1. Morgens steh' ich auf
    2. Es treibt mich hin
    3. Ich wandelte unter den Bäumen
    4. Lieb' Liebchen
    5. Schöne Wiege
    6. Warte, warte wilder Schiffsmann
    7. Berg' und Burgen schau'n
    8. Anfangs wollt' ich fast verzagen
    9. Mit Myrthen und Rosen


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