Sacrae Cantiones II (Carlo Gesualdo)

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General Information

Title: Sacræ Cantiones Liber Secundus

Composer: Carlo Gesualdo

Publication date and place: 1603

Description: Sacrae cantiones II – the ‘second book’, after Sacrae Cantiones I, is a collection of motets for six voices (except the last one - for seven voices). Two of the part books are lost - the sextus and bassus parts - and have been reconstructed by various composers. Stravinky's Tres sacra cantiones (Boosey & Hawkes 1960) are completions of Da pacem, Assumpta est & the 7-part Illumina nos.

List of works

  1. Virgo benedicta
  2. Da pacem Domine
  3. Sana me Domine
  4. Ave sanctissima
  5. O Oriens
  6. Discedite a me
  7. Gaudeamus omnes
  8. Veni Creator Spiritus
  9. O sacrum convivium
  10. Adoramus te Christe
  11. Veni sponsa Christi
  12. Assumpta est Maria
  13. Verba mea
  14. Ardens est cor meum
  15. Domine Deus
  16. O Beata Mater
  17. Ad te levavi animam meam
  18. Franciscus humilis
  19. O anima sanctissima
  20. Illumina nos

External links

Maarten Michielsen & Cappella Gabrieli commissioned three Dutch Composers - Theo Verbey, Henri Broeren and Joop Voorn - to reconstruct the missing sextus and “bassus" parts in 2005, and have performed most of the twenty motets in various concerts in the Netherlands and Germany from 2005 to 2013. These are the editions published here, with the permission of the three contemporary composers.