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Differences between CPDL #10839 and commercial edition

This edition by Denis Mason ([MAS]) has been compared with the edition published by Bärenreiter, BA 4653a ([BÄR]). The comparison is limited to the choral parts, and it does not include the elongated version of the “Gloria” by M. Haydn, as it is not present in the edition published by Bärenreiter. The training aids available at Choralia have been corrected according to [BÄR].

All items - lyrics

[MAS] contains many differences with respect to [BÄR] concerning lyrics, especially about the division of words into syllables. According to the rules of the Latin language, they can be classified as errors. In most cases there is no significant effect when singing, so only one case, where words are actually different, is mentioned hereafter.


Bass, bar 15 – 16: in [BÄR] the syllable “e-“ at the end of bar 15 that is present in [MAS] does not exist in [BÄR] (only the syllable “son” is present), and the syllables “lei-“ and “son” at the beginning of bar 16 in [MAS] are replaced by “Chri-“ and “ste”, respectively, in [BÄR].


Soprano and alto, bar 31: the duration of the notes is equal to the whole 3/4 measure in [MAS], while it is 1/2 in [BÄR], followed by a quarter rest. Tenor has a 1/2 note both in [BÄR] and in [MAS], so [BÄR] appears more consistent.


Soprano, bar 21: the first note is A in [BÄR], while it is C in [MAS]. [BÄR] seems more consistent if the accompaniment and the similarity with the other parts in [MAS] are taken into account.

Error listing by Massimo Capozza a.k.a. Choralia 06:21, 21 September 2008 (PDT).

Errors in CPDL #10839

  • Kyrie, Bar 15, last beat, bass should be split into two quavers to fit word underlay
  • Sanctus, bar 21, first beat, soprano should have A as first quaver, not C.
  • Agnus Dei, bar 60, bass missing text.

--Bobnotts talk 14:53, 30 September 2008 (UTC)

Errors in parts=

  • Cello: Sanctus, bar 3, notes should be **b flat - g - f*, not b flat - a - g
  • Violin 2: Several errors

--Kainhofer 20:32, 1 July 2009 (UTC)