Tis pure delight without alloy

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General information

This is a poem by Isaac Watts, from Horae Lyricae, entitled Ascending to Him in Heaven.

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English.png English text

Tis pure delight without alloy,
Jesus, to hear thy name;
My spirit leaps with inward joy;
I feel the sacred flame.

2. My passions hold a pleasing reign,
While love inspires my breast;
Love, the divinest of the train;
The sovereign of the rest.

3. This is the grace must live and sing
When faith and fear shall cease;
Must sound from every joyful string
Through the sweet groves of bliss.

4. Let life immortal seize my clay;
Let love refine my blood;
Her flames can bear my soul away,
Can bring me near my God.

5. Swift I ascend the heavenly place,
And hasten to my home;
I leap to meet thy kind embrace;
I come, O Lord, I come.

6. Sink down, ye separating hills,
Let guilt and death remove;
Tis love that drives my chariot wheels,
And death must yield to love.

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