Vinko Jelić

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Aliases: Jelić, Jelich, Jeli, Jelitsch, Jeličić, Jelicich, Jeletschitsch, Vinko, Vincentio


Born: 1596 in Rijeka ("Fiume"), today Croatia

Died: after 22 July 1636 in Saverne, Alsace, France (Zabern)

Biography The most prominent of the Croatian baroque composers working abroad was Vinko Jelić of. Rijeka.

Jelić was Kapellknabe(?) 1606 in Graz, where he was a student of Matthia Ferrabosco. After 1609 he studied at Ferdinandeum and the University of Graz and was a member of the court orchestra. Since 1617, he was a musician at the court of Archduke Leopold V, the bishop of Strasbourg, in Saverne. By that time, he called himself by the last name Jelić.

He wrote several collections of motets (Parnassia militia - 1622, Arion Primus and Secundus - 1628), Marie Vespers and Ricercari for zink(?) and trombone.

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List of choral works


  • Salve Maria
  • O quam gloriosum est
  • Cantabo Domino
  • Ricercare

Parnassia militia (1622)

  • Oculi tui Deus
  • Laetamini in Domino
  • Quae est ista
  • Virgo prudentissima

Arion Primus

Arion Secundus

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  • Parnassia militia (1622 Strassbourg) 24 motets plus 4 other pieces
  • Parnassia militia (1622), ed. Stjepan Šulek, HAZU 1957
  • Sechs Motetten aus Arion Primus (1628), ed. Albe Vidaković, 1957, Graz (Musik alter meister)
  • Spomenik starine, 5.,8., 9.svezak, ed. Županović
  • Arion secundus

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