What if the saint must die

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General information

This is an hymn by John Peck, written 1773.

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Text and translations

English.png English text

1. What if the saint must die
And lodge among the tombs,
He need not mourn, he shall return,
Rejoicing as he comes.

2. Though death shall hold him down,
With bands and mighty bars,
Yet he shall rise above the skies
And sing above the stars.


3. The resurrection day
Shall crown the saints with joy,
When Christ shall come to fetch them home
And all their griefs destroy.

4. Now will they sing for joy,
When they in beauty rise!
Their songs around the planets sound.
As they ascend the skies.


5. Eternal joy indeed
With them is now begun.
They walk in white, and shine more bright
Than the meridian sun.

6. Behold the blessed Lamb
Their songs shall ever sound.
The angels join, and all combine
To spread their anthems round.

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