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==List of choral works==
==List of choral works==
*{{NoCo|Mitternacht WAB 80}}
*{{NoCo|Abendzauber WAB 57}}
*{{NoCo|Afferentur regi}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Am Grabe WAB 2}}
*{{NoCo|Ave Maria}}   {{editions|6}} ''including SSA/organ and SSASSAA arrangements''
*{{NoCo|Christus factus est}}   {{editions|3}}
*{{NoCo|Christus factus est II}}
*{{NoCo|Der Abendhimmel I WAB 55}}
*{{NoCo|Der Abendhimmel II WAB 56}}
*{{NoCo|Dir, Herr, dir will ich mich ergeben WAB 12}}
*{{NoCo|Ecce sacerdos}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-ecc.pdf|bruckner/bruc-ecc.mid|bruckner/bruc-ecc.sib|Sibelius 2}}
*{{NoCo|Entsagen WAB 14}}
*{{NoCo|In monte Oliveti}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|In S. Angelum custodem WAB 18}}
*{{NoCo|Inveni David}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-007.pdf|bruckner/bruc-007.mid|bruckner/bruc-007.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Inveni David II}}
*{{NoCo|Libera me I WAB 21}}
*{{NoCo|Libera me II WAB 22}}
*{{NoCo|Locus iste}}   {{editions|8}}
*{{NoCo|Mass No. 1 in D minor}}   {{LLink|BrucM1.pdf}}   Movements available separately
*{{NoCo|Mass No. 2 in E minor}}   [{{filepath:Mass2complete.pdf}} {{pdf}}] [{{filepath:Mass2MIDI.ZIP}} {{mid}}]   Movements available separately
*{{NoCo|Mass No. 3 in F minor}}   [{{filepath:3Complete.pdf}} {{mid}}] [{{filepath:3MIDI.ZIP}} {{mid}}]   Movements available separately
*{{NoCo|Os justi meditabitur, WAB 30}}   {{editions|n}}
*{{NoCo|Pange lingua - Tantum ergo (Phrygian), WAB 33}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-008.pdf|bruckner/bruc-008.mid|bruckner/bruc-008.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Pange lingua}}   {{LLink|Bruckner_Pange_lingua.pdf|Bruckner_Pange_lingua.mid}}
*{{NoCo|Psalm 22 WAB 34}}
*{{NoCo|Salvum fac populum tuum}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-sal.pdf}} [{{filepath:Bruc-sal.MID}} {{mid}}] {{LLinkW|||bruckner/bruc-sal.mus|Finale 2002}}
*{{NoCo|Tantum ergo (A-flat major)}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Tantum ergo (B-Flat Major)}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-ta4.pdf|bruckner/bruc-ta4.mid|bruckner/bruc-ta4.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Tantum ergo B-flat major, WAB 44}}
*{{NoCo|Tantum ergo (C Major)}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-ta3.pdf|bruckner/bruc-ta3.mid|bruckner/bruc-ta3.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Tantum ergo in D Major}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-ta5.pdf|bruckner/bruc-ta5.mid|bruckner/bruc-ta5.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Tantum ergo (E-flat major)}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-ta1.pdf|bruckner/bruc-ta1.mid|bruckner/bruc-ta1.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Te Deum}}   {{LLink|BruckTDMJG.pdf}} [{{filepath:BruckTDmidi.ZIP}} {{mid}}] (Midi files are zipped)
*{{NoCo|Tota pulchra es}}   {{editions|3}}
*{{NoCo|Totenlied No 1 WAB 47}}
*{{NoCo|Totenlied No. 2 WAB 48}}
*{{NoCo|Trauungslied WAB 49}}
*{{NoCo|Trösterin Musik, WAB 88}}
*{{NoCo|Vexilla Regis}}   {{editions|2}}
*{{NoCo|Virga Jesse}}   {{LLinkW|bruckner/bruc-004.pdf|bruckner/bruc-004.mid|bruckner/bruc-004.zip|Finale 1998}}
*{{NoCo|Zur Vermählungsfeier WAB 54}}

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