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Response to proposal, NS 20071029

I would submit that the globe link should usually _not_ point to the actual pdf file, for the following reasons.

First, I think it should be as clear as we can make it to a casual user when the user is downloading a link from a file that is not physically hosted on a CPDL server, or is not otherwise under direct CPDL control. Since clicking on the ~.pdf link for a file which _is_ on the CPDL server will usually load the score image file, having an external link load a higher level page will help do this.

Second, because there will doubtless be some number of owners of files on external sites who decide to re-organize their sites, linking directly to files on the sites of these editors are likely to result in broken links. By setting the policy that links will go to high level sites, we can create a template for such external sites which provides the link to the external site's directory page, and which, in the event of reorganization of the target site, needs to be changed only in one place.

Third, external sites often times have explicit copyright provisions on, or linked to from, the download page of the site. Linking directly to the score image on a target site increases the possibility that a user downloading the score image will not see the copyright information.

Fourth, some site, like Di Marco's do not allow "deep linking", and by going to higher level pages in all cases, we keep the user interface more uniform.

I might be slightly more willing accept the proposal of #3713 as the recommended practice for a "non-personal" external site, than a "personal" one. As examples of what I mean by way of difference, I consider the Sibley Music Library's new on-line archive of public domain scores, the US LOC's American Memory Project, and the WIMA all to be "non-personal". I consider Marco-cipoo and Fr. Di Marco's sites to be "personal".

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