Novello Part-Song Book Series 2, Volume 2

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General information

Title: Novello's Part-Song Book (2nd series), Vol. 2

Publisher: Novello, Ewer & Co.

Voicing of works: SATB and keyboard.

Publication date and place: ca. 1875 by Novello, Ewer & Co., London, England.

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No. Page Title Composer
67 32 Adieu, love, adieu George Alexander Macfarren
81 120 All is not gold William Joseph Westbrook
83 133 All ye woods Henry Lahee
71 57 Autolycus' Song Clara Angela Macirone
76 90 Awake! awake! the flowers unfold Henry David Leslie
63 6 Break, break, break on thy cold grey stones, O sea George Alexander Macfarren
85 145 Charm me asleep Henry David Leslie
66 25 Christmas George Alexander Macfarren
64 13 The splendour falls on castle walls George Alexander Macfarren
72 63 Footsteps of Angels Clara Angela Macirone
82 126 Hark how the birds Henry Lahee
77 95 How sweet the moonlight sleeps Henry David Leslie
78 99 Land-ho! Henry David Leslie
84 137 My love is fair Henry David Leslie
75 82 My soul to God, my heart to thee Henry David Leslie
62 1 Robin Goodfellow George Alexander Macfarren
68 40 Sir Knight, Sir Knight Clara Angela Macirone
65 21 Song of the railroads George Alexander Macfarren
74 76 The Pilgrims Henry David Leslie
73 69 The sun shines fair on Carlisle wall Clara Angela Macirone
69 47 The wounded Cupid Clara Angela Macirone
80 110 Thine eyes so bright Henry David Leslie
79 104 Up, up, ye dames Henry David Leslie
70 51 Woman’s smile Clara Angela Macirone

Works at CPDL

No. Title Year Composer Lyricist Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
62 Robin Goodfellow 1869 George Alexander Macfarren Ben Jonson Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
63 Break, break, break on thy cold grey stones, O sea 1869 George Alexander Macfarren Alfred Tennyson Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
64 The splendour falls on castle walls 1869 George Alexander Macfarren Alfred Tennyson Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
65 Song of the railroads 1869 George Alexander Macfarren Richard Monckton Milnes Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
66 Christmas 1869 George Alexander Macfarren Leigh Hunt Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
67 Adieu, love, adieu 1869 George Alexander Macfarren William Byrd Sacred Partsongs 4 SATB
68 Sir Knight, Sir Knight 1869 Clara Angela Macirone Friedrich de la Motte Fouqué Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
69 The wounded Cupid 1869 Clara Angela Macirone Robert Herrick Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
70 Woman's smile 1869 Clara Angela Macirone Charles Cowden Clarke Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
71 Autolycus' Song 1869 Clara Angela Macirone William Shakespeare Secular Partsongs
72 Footsteps of Angels 1869 Clara Angela Macirone Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
73 The sun shines fair on Carlisle wall 1869 Clara Angela Macirone Walter Scott Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
74 The Pilgrims 1869 Henry David Leslie Adelaide Anne Procter Sacred Partsongs 4 SATB
75 My soul to God, my heart to thee 1869 Henry David Leslie John Jones (Talhaiarn) Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
76 Awake! awake! the flowers unfold 1869 Henry David Leslie Richard Ryan Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
77 How sweet the moonlight sleeps 1869 Henry David Leslie William Shakespeare Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
78 Land-ho! 1869 Henry David Leslie Henry Brougham Farnie Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
79 Up, up, ye dames 1869 Henry David Leslie Samuel Taylor Coleridge Secular Partsongs 4 SATB
80 Thine eyes so bright 1869 Henry David Leslie Thomas Watson Secular Partsongs 6 SSATBB
81 All is not gold 1869 William Joseph Westbrook Secular Madrigals 5 SATTB
82 Hark how the birds 1869 Henry Lahee Alexander Pope Secular Madrigals 6 SSATTB
83 All ye woods 1869 Henry Lahee 2 Secular Partsongs 5 SSATB
84 My love is fair 1869 Henry David Leslie George Peele Secular Partsongs 5 SATBB
85 Charm me asleep, op.24:3 1869 Henry David Leslie Robert Herrick Secular Madrigals 6 SSATBB