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{{WikipediaLink|Robert Lucas de Pearsall}}
{{WikipediaLink|Robert Lucas de Pearsall}}
==List of choral works==
===Sacred works===
*{{NoCo|Adieu! my native shore}}
{{#SortWorks:Sacred music}}
*{{NoCo|Caput apri defero}} Christmas carol
*[[Duetto buffo di due gatti (Gioachino Rossini)]] (reattributed)
===Secular works===
*{{NoCo|For all our men were very, very merry}}
{{#SortWorks:Secular music|Cols=3}}
*{{NoCo|Great God of Love}}
*{{NoCo|Lay a garland}}
*{{NoCo|Light of my soul}}
*{{NoCo|No, no, Nigella}}
*{{NoCo|O who will o'er the downs so free}}
*{{NoCo|Sir Patrick Spens}}
*{{NoCo|Take, O take those lips away}}
*{{NoCo|There is a paradise}}
*{{NoCo|When Allen-a-Dale went a-hunting}}
*{{NoCo|Who shall have my lady fair?}}
'''Church works'''
*{{NoCo|Ave verum corpus}}
*{{NoCo|In dulci jubilo}} (macaronic)
*{{NoCo|Salve Regina}}
*{{NoCo|Tu es Petrus}} (contrafactum of ''Lay a garland'')
===Works yet to be added===
*A Chieftain to the Highlands bound
*A King there was in Thule
*Down in my garden
*How bright in Maytime
*I saw lovely Phillis
*It was upon a Spring-tide day
*Laugh not, my youth, at age
*Let us all go Maying
*List! Lady, be not coy
*Mihi est propositium
*Nymphs are sporting
*O! all ye ladies fair and true
*O ye roses
*Purple glow the forest mountains
*See how smoothly
*Shoot, false love, I care not
*Sing we and chaunt it
*Summer is y' coming in
*Sweet as a flower in May
*The Bishop of Mentz
*Take heed, ye shepherds swains
*The hardy Norseman's house of yore
*The praise of good wine
*The red wine flows
*The River Spirit's Song
*The Song of the Frank companies
*The Watchman's Song
*The Winter Song
*War Song of the Norman Baron Taillefer
*Waters of Elle
*When last I strayed
*Why do the roses
*Why should the cuckoo's tuneful note
*Why weep, alas, my lady-love
*Why with toil thy life consuming

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Born: 14 March 1795

Died: 5 August 1856


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Sacred works

Secular works

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