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This template removes numerals, most definite and some indefinite articles from the beginning of a work title:

  • Numerals from 1 to 100
  • Dutch articles: de het een
  • English articles: the a an
  • French articles: la le l' les un ung une un'
  • German articles: das die der den dem ein eine
  • Italian articles: il la le l' i gli un uno una
  • Portuguese articles: o a os as um uma
  • Spanish articles: el la los las un uno una unos unas



returns the contents of {{PAGENAME}} after processing it.

Syntax with an optional parameter:

{{WorkSorter|Ung jour viendra (Nicolas Gombert)}}

returns "Jour viendra (Nicolas Gombert)"

This template can be used as a parameter for the magic word DEFAULTSORT in works pages, to produce an appropriate sort key.


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