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*''Second Service "to the organs in D-sol-re"''
*''Second Service "to the organs in D-sol-re"''
*''Third Service "to the organs in F-fa-ut"''
*''Third Service "to the organs in F-fa-ut"''
*''The Fourth Service "for Trebles"''
*''Fourth Service "for Trebles"''
*''The Fifth Service "in medio chori"''
*''Fifth Service "in medio chori"''
*(''The Sixth Service "in Verse for Two Counter-tenors"'')
*(''Sixth Service "in Verse for Two Counter-tenors"'')
*(''The Seventh Service "short"'')
*(''Seventh Service "short"'')
*''The Eighth Service "for five voices"''
*''Eighth Service "for five voices"''
*''The Ninth Service "for seven voices"''
*''Ninth Service "for seven voices"''

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Born: 1576

Died: 30 November 1623


View the Wikipedia article on Thomas Weelkes.

List of choral works

Sacred Works

Morning and Evening Canticles

  • Magnificat and Nunc dimittis from the Short Service
  • Sixth Evening Service in D
  • First Service "to the organs in Gam-ut" / "in Verse for a Meane"
  • Second Service "to the organs in D-sol-re"
  • Third Service "to the organs in F-fa-ut"
  • Fourth Service "for Trebles"
  • Fifth Service "in medio chori"
  • (Sixth Service "in Verse for Two Counter-tenors")
  • (Seventh Service "short")
  • Eighth Service "for five voices"
  • Ninth Service "for seven voices"


  • Deliver us, O Lord
  • O happy he whom Thou protect’st
  • O Lord God almighty
  • O Lord, grant the king a long life M. M. Ct. Ct. T. B. B.
  • O mortal man
  • O vos omnes

Verse Anthems

No works currently available

  • All laud and praise
  • Give thy ear O God
  • Give the king Thy judgements
  • If King Manasses
  • In Thee, O Lord
  • O Lord, how joyful is the king
  • Plead Thou my cause
  • What joy so true

Other Sacred works

No works currently available

Secular Works

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