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Hi! This is my talk page. Feel free to leave questions and comments on this page about any contributions I've made to CPDL as a WIKI editor.

If you've got a query about my scores, please add a comment to this page: User_talk:Robert Nottingham or email robertnottingham6 AT hotmail DOT com (replacing "AT" and "DOT" with "@" and ".")

I am also contactable on the CPDL forums (see link on left), username: bobnotts.

P.S. You can sign a message that you've posted by entering ~~~~ after your message. Doing this outputs your username (with a link) and the date and time that you posted the comment.

30 januari 2007 hello, here I am again. Hope in the right place. There is something funny with the German templates you put into "my texts". Mendelssohn songs. No "flag" but horrible THICK letters. Tried to draw your attention to it when I altered it, but it is still there. kind regards.