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== A Symphony of Dreams? ==
Hello, Huub.  I'm rather puzzled by the on-again off-again status of your "A Symphony of Dreams"&mdash; some time ago you removed it, then restored it, and now today you have blanked the page, although links to scores of individual movements still appear on your composer page.  What is going on?  The links on your composer page are now not associated with any CPDL edition(s), so either they need to be removed or they need to be submitted as editions.  As you see, I just don't understand your intentions.  Do you mean formally to withdraw "A Symphony of Dreams" and its movements from CPDL?  Any enlightenment would be most helpful.  Thanks, and best wishes. &ndash; [[User:CHGiffen|Chuck]][[User talk:CHGiffen|<sub><small>'''talk'''</small></sub>]]&nbsp;[[User:Charles H. Giffen|Giffen]][[Charles H. Giffen|<sub>'''♫'''</sub>]] 03:20, 4 February 2015 (UTC)

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