Parochial Harmony (John Alcock Jr.)

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General information


Parochial Harmony by John Alcock Jr. was published in 1777: the title page describes the collection as 'Expressly Composed for the use of Country Choirs, By J. Alcock, Junr. Batchelor in Music and Organist of Walsall'.

The imprint reads:

'London. / Printed for Francis Roome, Bookseller in Derby: / Sold by Messrs Thompson, No 75, St Paul's Church Yard, / Mr Cahusac, No 203, opposite St Clement's Church in the Strand; and may be had at most / Music Shops and Booksellers, in Town and Country. / 1777.'

Publication date and place: 1777 by Francis Roome in Derby, England.

The book was printed by subscription, and includes a list of subscribers: those parts of the text below which are shown here in italics were added in manuscript, apparently by the publisher, to the printed list.

List of Subscribers

Dr. Alcock, Organist of Sutton Coldfield and Tamworth, and Vicar Choral of the Cathedral at Lichfield
Mr. Arrowsmith, Astley, Lancashire
— George Annable, Cromford, Derbyshire
The Choir of Singers at Alfreton, ditto
Ditto at Alvaston, ditto

Mr. Nathaniel Binns, Halifax
— Thomas Burgin, Norton, near Sheffield
— Thomas Bassett, Mayfield, Staffordshire
— John Bird, Brinklow, Warwickshire
— Henry Bown, Bonsall, Derbyshire
The Choir of Singers, at Baslow, Derbyshire
Ditto at Belpar, ditto
Ditto at Brailsford, ditto
Ditto at Breadsall, ditto
Ditto at Barrow, Leicestershire
Ditto at Belgrave, ditto
Mr. David Bray, Sapcote, ditto
— Jno Bancroft - Barrow, Derbyshire

Mr. George Cordingly, Halifax
— Thomas Cahusac, Strand, London, 7 Books
The Choir of Singers at Chellaston, Derbyshire
Ditto at Croft, 3 Books, Leicestershire
Mr. William Chamberlin, Sapcote, ditto

Rev. Mr. Dewes, Calwich, 2 Books, Staffordshire
Rev. Mr. John Darwell, Vicar of Walsall, ditto
Mr. John Dowlman, Holbrook, Derbyshire
The Choir of Singers at Duffield, ditto
Ditto at Diseworth, Leicestershire

Mr. John Ellaby, Osmaston, near Ashborne, Derbyshire
— John Ellse, Denby; ditto
— George Eley, Holbrook, ditto
The Choir of Singers at Etwall, ditto
Ditto at Elvaston, ditto

Mr. John Froggott, Longnor, Staffordshire

Mr. Greatorex, Organist, Burton upon Trent
— Goddard, Pointon, Cheshire
— John Gratton, Wingerworth, Derbyshire
The Choir of Singers at Grindleford Bridge, ditto
Ditto at Gillmorton, Leicestershire
Mr. Joseph Gretton, Whitwick, ditto
— Danl Green, - Birstall, ditto

Mr. John Holmes, Critch, Derbyshire, 3 Books
The Choir of Singers at Hathern, Leicestershire

Mr. John Inglesant, Sileby, Leicestershire

Mr. King, Organist of Macclesfield, Cheshire, and Okeover, Staffordshire
— John Kirkham, Burton upon Trent
— James Killpack Great Ashby, Leicestershire

Mr. Henry Levers, Gresley, Nottinghamshire
— Linthwaite, Burton Overy, Leicestershire
Mr. Joseph Lord, Countesthorp, Leicestershire
— James Lynom, North Wingfield, Derbyshire
The Choir of Singers at Longford, ditto

The Hon. Lady Middleton, Wollaton, Nottinghamshire
Mr. Marshall, Scraptoft, Leicestershire
— W. Martin, Sileby, ditto
The Choir of Singers, at Markfield, ditto
Ditto at Marston upon Dove, Derbyshire
Ditto at Matlock; ditto

Samuel Need, Esq; for the Use of Cromford Chapel, Derbyshire

The Choir of Singers at Osgathorpe, Leicestershire
Ditto at Osmaston, Derbyshire
Ditto at Ockbrooke, ditto

Mr. Pratt, Stockport, Cheshire
— Peters, Kibworth, Leicestershire
The Choir of Singers at Pentridge, Derbyshire

Mr. John Robinson, Singing-Master, Sheepshead, Leicestershire, 2 Books
— Richardson, Pointon, Cheshire
The Choir of Singers at Ruddington, Nottinghamshire

Mr. John Stenson, Derby
— Jos. Sadler, Mugginton, Derbyshire
— Stevens, Risley, ditto
— Thomas Smith, Sawley, ditto
— Joseph Simpson, Ilkeston, ditto
The Choir of Singers at Stapenhill, ditto
Ditto at Sheepshead, Leicestershire
Mr. Joseph Smith, Sapcote, ditto
— John Spencer, ditto ditto
Mess. Sudlow and Wainwright, Manchester, 2 Books
Mr. Shepley, Newton, near Manchester, 2 Books
— Jonathan Sodin, Comb-Fields, Warwickshire
— William Watts Sodin, ditto ditto

Messrs. Thompson, St Paul’s Church-Yard, London, 7 Books
Mr. Moses Taylor, Calk, Derbyshire, 2 Books
The Choir of Singers at Tutbury, Staffordshire

Mr. Henry Valentine, Musician, Leicester, 7 Books
— Vest, Burton-Overy, Leicestershire

Mrs. Whetham, Kirklington, Nottinghamshire
The Rev, Mr. Ward, Mickleover, Derbyshire
Mr. Michael Whitehead, Aston, ditto
Dr. Wainwright, Liverpool
Mr. Whitaker, Manchester, 3 Books
— Henry Whitaker, ditto
— Walton, Vicar-Choral of the Cathedral at Lichfield
The Choir of Singers at Woodhouse, Leicestershire
Ditto at Willoughby Waterless, ditto.
Mr Matthew Willey, Dunton Bassett, ditto


Pages Description Text
01 1-4 Anthem For Three Voices Psalm 18, Verse 47. The Lord liveth, and blessed be my strong helper
02 5-8 Anthem Full Psalm 26, Verse 8 Lord, I have loved the habitation of thy house
03 9-12 Anthem Psalm 86, Verse 1 Bow down thine ear, O Lord
04 13-16 Anthem For Two Voices Psalm 84 Verse 8 O Lord God of hosts
05 17-20 Anthem Psalm 93 Verse 1 The Lord is King, and hath put on glorious apparel
06 21-25 Anthem Psalm 113 Praise the Lord, ye servants
07 26-31 Te Deum Laudamus We praise thee, O God
08 32-34 Jubilate Deo O be joyful in the Lord, all ye lands
09 35-38 Magnificat My soul doth magnify the Lord
10 39-40 Nunc Dimittis Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart
11 41-45 Hymn for Easter Day Our Lord is risen from the dead
12 46-50 Hymn for Christmas Day Lift up your heads in joyful hope
13 51 Psalm 6 Lord, in thy wrath, reprove me not
14 51 Psalm 5 Incline thine ears, O Lord, and let
15 52 Psalm 65 Thy praise alone, O Lord, doth reign
16 52 Psalm 37 Verse 3 Trust thou therefore in God alone
17 53 Psalm 17 O Lord, give ear to my just cause
18 53 Psalm 105 Give praises unto God the Lord
19 54 Psalm (the Latter) 125 Those that do place their confidence
20 54 Psalm 108 O God, my heart prepared is
21 55 Psalm 146 My soul, praise thou the Lord always
22 55 Psalm 133 O what a happy thing it is
23 56 Psalm 63. for 3 Voices. Dr. Alcock O God, my God, I early seek
24 56-57 Psalm 96. 2 Voices. Dr. Alcock Sing ye with praise unto the Lord
25 57-58 Psalm 103 My soul, give praise unto the Lord
26 59 Psalm 19 Verse 9 The fear of God is excellent
27 60-61 Psalm 138 Thee will I praise with my whole heart
28 61-62 Psalm 57 Verse 10 Awake my joy, awake I say
29 63 Psalm 106 Praise ye the Lord, for he is good
30 64 Psalm 130 Verse 5 In God the Lord I put my trust

Works at CPDL

Title Year Page Genre Subgenre Vo. Voices
Give praises unto God the Lord 1777 53 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Jubilate Deo 1777 32-34 Sacred Morning Canticles 4 SATB
Lord, in thy wrath, reprove me not 1777 51 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Magnificat 1777 35-38 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
My soul, praise thou the Lord always 1777 55 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Nunc dimittis 1777 39-40 Sacred Evening Canticles 4 SATB
O God, my heart prepared is 1777 54 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
O Lord God of hosts 1777 13-16 Sacred Anthems 4 SATB
O what a happy thing it is 1777 55 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB
Those that do place their confidence 1777 54 Sacred Hymns 4 SATB

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