Request:Evening Hymn (Elisha West)

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Title: Evening Hymn

Composer: Elisha West

Date of request: 2003-05-13

Requested by: Vernon Kuhns

Additional notes: Elisha West (1756-after 1808) - Text: John Leland (1754-1841) - Source: The Musical Concert (Northampton, 1802)

Status: Completed

Date completed: 2014-02-24

Volunteer: Edmund Gooch

Edition notes: This edition uses the text 'Our moments fly apace', as used by West in The Musical Concert (1802): the John Leland text 'The day is past and gone' was not published with the tune until its use in Jeremiah Ingalls' The Christian Harmony (1805).

Location of requested score: Our moments fly apace (Elisha West)