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The text "dem ich mich ganuz vertraue" in the edition #53952 is certainly wrong. It must read "... ganz ...". It may have been "...gantz ..." (as in the Cantionale sacrum II) or perhaps "... gannz ..." in the old edition, but "ganuz" is nonsense. Equally "Sollst" in the second line of the third strophe must be wrong, the Cantionale sacrum II has "Solts" (which would be "Sollt's" in modern spelling), which makes much more sense ("even if it would annoy the enemies"). Following the text in the edition there would be a change of the subject in the two parts of the sentence. The 1661 edition does not contain the first error. Gerhard Weydt (talk) 22:34, 9 March 2020 (UTC)