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I do not understand the logic of this page. Is this supposed to 1. contain only the motets which had not been published before, or 2. should it contain all works on CPDL which are contained in Magnum Opus Musicum? If the first, then some of the works should be deleted from this page, if the second then you could add practically each Lassus motet available on CPDL. Imruska (talk)

I'm not sure I understand either. But there are several issues:
  1. A number of users have cited this as the source of their transcriptions. I, for one, would rather not change this, even though my personal preference is to cite the original publication, and mention later editions in the Description section.
  2. It is possible that the editions in Magnum Opus Musicum have been edited from their original publications.
Just my opinions – Barry Johnston (talk) 21:08, 16 November 2017 (UTC)

Pieces in this list which were not printed first in Magnum Opus Musicum:

Either one of 43-44. Published in RISM 15864 (a Magnificat collection by LeRoy et Ballard)
Benedic Domine domum istam. Published in Moduli quator et octo vocum (Paris, 1588)
Christe Dei soboles was first printed with a different text in Selectissimae cantiones, 1579. So it may be OK here.
Dilige solitudinem. Published in RISM 15832 (Harmoniae miscellae cantionum sacrarum, Nürnberg)
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes. Published in Moduli, 6, 7, 12vv (Paris, 1573)
Regina coeli No. 360 Published in Cantica sacra, recens numeris et modulis musicis ornata, 6, 8vv (München, 1585)
Salve Regina a6 1604a No. 362. Published in Mottetta typis nondum uspiam excusa, 6vv (München, 1582)

I could not identify the motet Tibi soli peccavi. This may be part of a larger work. Its text comes from the psalm "Miserere mei Deus". Imruska (talk)