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This is a template to pass a label for each score icon that appears on a work page. They are as follows:

No. Template
& Code
Icon Label Score
1 Pdf Icon_pdf.gif Pdf Internal
2 Mid Icon_snd.gif Midi Internal
3 Mp3 Icon_mp3.gif Mp3 Internal
4 XML MusicXML.png MusicXML Internal
5 F14 Finale_2014_icon.png Finale 2014 Internal
6 F15 Finale_2014_5_icon.png Finale 2015 Internal
7 Mus Finale.png Finale Internal
8 Sib Sibelius.png Sibelius Internal
9 Cap Capella.png Capella Internal
10 Dorico Dorico.png Dorico Internal
11 Capx Logo_capella-software_kurz_2011_16x16.png Capella Internal
12 Enc Encore_Icon2.png Encore Internal
13 Ly Icon_ly.gif LilyPond Internal
14 MUP MUP_file_icon.png MUP Internal
15 Muse MuScor.png MuseScore Internal
16 Muse3 Musc3.png MuseScore3 Internal
17 Myr Myr.png Myriad Internal
18 NWC Nwc.png Noteworthy Internal
19 Per Personal_Composer_icon.png Personal Composer Internal
20 Zip Icon_zip.gif Zip file Internal
21 Broken Broken.gif Broken link Other
22 Error Error.gif Score Error Other
23 Net Network.png Web Page External
24 Extenc Encore_globe.png Encore External
25 IMSLP link=imslp:{{{1}}} IMSLP links External
26 Extly Icon_ly_ext.png LilyPond External
27 Extmid Icon_snd_globe.gif Midi External
28 Extmp3 Icon_mp3_globe.gif Mp3 External
29 Extnwc Nwc_globe.png Noteworthy External
30 Extpdf Icon_pdf_globe.gif Pdf External
31 Extper Personal_Composer_globe.png Personal Composer External
32 Extzip Icon_zip_globe.gif Zip file External
33 Extcap Capella_globe.png Capella External
34 Extdorico Dorico_globe.png Dorico External
35 Extfin Finale_globe.png Finale External
36 Extsib Sib_globe.png Sibelius External
37 Extmup MUP External For future expansion
38 Extmuse MuseScore External For future expansion
39 Extmyr Myriad External For future expansion
40 Extxml XML_globe.png XML External