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This template is designed for a case where a work needs to be assigned to one or more publications in addition to the one specified in {{Published}}. Up to four additional publications are allowed.

{{Published2|YYY1|in [[<Publication1>]], no. N1, p. P1|YYY2|in [[<Publication2>]], no. N2, p. P2|YYY3|in [[<Publication3>]], no. N3, p. P3|YYY4|in [[<Publication4>]], no. N4, p. P4}}


1. y1 – Four-digit year of publication 1
2. d1 – Name and details of publication 1

3. y2 – Four-digit year of publication 2
4. d2 – Name and details of publication 2

5. y3 – Four-digit year of publication 3
6. d3 – Name and details of publication 3

7. y4 – Four-digit year of publication 4
8. d4 – Name and details of publication 4

Parameters 1, 3, 5, and 7 should contain only a integer number, usually four digits, the year of the publication. Parameters 2, 4, 6, and 8 should contain a link to a publication page to which this work is linked. The link should use the template {{NoComp}}, for example {{NoComp|Music in Miniature|William Billings}}. Optionally, the sequence number or page in that publication can be specified, but only in the format given above.

Parameters three through eight are optional. There should always be an even number of parameters (2, 4, 6, or 8). The template converts the year in parameters 1, 3, 5, and 7 into a link to Category:YYYY works. The page is simultaneously included in that category.

The template {{Published2}} is not to be used by itself, but only with a properly completed {{Published}} template which includes the original publication year and link to that publication page. Neither template {{Published}} nor {{Published2}} should be used more than once on a work page.

{{Published2|1779|in ''{{NoComp|Music in Miniature|William Billings}}'', no. 7, p. 5|1804|in ''[[The Psalm-Singer's Amusement (1804)]]'', no. 7, p. 9}} will yield:

Also published 1779 in Music in Miniature, no. 7, p. 5; also 1804 in The Psalm-Singer's Amusement (1804), no. 7, p. 9.