The Charlestown Collection (Oliver Holden)

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General Information

Title: The Charlestown Collection

Full Title: The Charlestown Collection of Sacred Songs, Adapted to Public and Private Devotion, Principally Original Compositions.

Composer – Compiler: Oliver Holden

Publication date and place: 1803 by Isaiah Thomas and Ebenezer T. Andrews in Boston, 80 pp.

Description: Charlestown was the town where Holden lived; it is now a suburb of Boston.

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Works at CPDL

Title on CPDL Year Composer Lyricist First Line Genre Vo. Meter
Amiens Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Welcome, sweet day of rest Sacred 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Anstruther Oliver Holden Charles Wesley Light of those whose dreary dwelling Sacred 4 87. 87. D
Arabia Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Early, my God, without delay Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Ashby Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Come, happy souls, approach your God Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Aspiring Praise Oliver Holden William Cowper My song shall bless the Lord of all Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Bethlehem Judah Oliver Holden Joseph Hart The fountain of Christ Sacred 3 10 10. 11 11
Bourbon Oliver Holden Isaac Watts How oft have sin and Satan strove Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Cana Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Why is my heart so far from Thee Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Chosen Race Oliver Holden Tate and Brady To bless Thy chosen race Sacred 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Cowper Oliver Holden William Cowper Forgive the song that falls so low Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Creation Oliver Holden Anne Steele Lord, when my raptured thoughts survey Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Danville Oliver Holden Helen Williams When gladness wings my favored hour Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Dependence Oliver Holden William Cowper To keep the lamp alive Sacred 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Dix-Hills Oliver Holden William Cowper Too many, Lord, abuse Thy grace Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Euphrates Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Think, mighty God, on feeble man Sacred 3 88. 88. 88
Forerunner Oliver Holden Samuel Medley Far, far beyond these lower skies Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Gift Oliver Holden William Cowper Of all the gifts Thine hand bestows Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Gospel Armor Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Stand up, my soul, shake off thy fears Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Luneville Oliver Holden Tate and Brady As pants the hart for cooling streams Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Mercy Seat Oliver Holden William Cowper Jesus, where-e'er Thy people meet Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Miami Oliver Holden Philip Doddridge Great Father of mankind Sacred 4 66. 66. 88
Mount Carmel Oliver Holden Isaac Watts I am the Savior, the Almighty God Sacred 4 10 10. 10 10. 11 11
Mount Vernon John Cole Isaac Watts Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Mount Zion John Cole God's temple crowns the holy mount Sacred 4 88. 88. 88
Mountain Oliver Holden John Needham When some kind shepherd from his fold Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Neglected Harp Oliver Holden John Newton Take down thy long neglected harp Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
New-Union Oliver Holden Anonymous Attend, ye saints, and hear me tell Sacred 4 88. 887
Obedience Oliver Holden Anonymous Come, all ye lovers of the Lamb Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Olney Oliver Holden William Cowper Dear fountain of delight unknown Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Ordination Hymn Oliver Holden Anonymous O what a happy, happy day Sacred 4 88. 88. 88
Paradise John Cole Isaac Watts My thoughts surmount these lower skies Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Promise Oliver Holden Philip Doddridge Lo, I am with you, saith the Lord Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Psalm for Thanksgiving Day Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Let every creature join Sacred 4 66. 86 (S.M.)
Resolution Oliver Holden Oliver Holden Great King in Zion, Lord of all Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Rest Oliver Holden Descend, Holy Spirit, the Dove Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Retirement Oliver Holden William Cowper Far from the world, O Lord, I flee Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Richmond Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Keep silence, all created things Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
Romelia Oliver Holden Isaac Watts How sweet and aweful is the place Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Sabbath Morn Oliver Holden Samuel Stennett Another six days' work is done Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Salem (1803) Oliver Holden Anonymous King of Salem, bless my soul Sacred 4 77. 77
Seclusion Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Man has a soul of vast desires Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
See He Rises Oliver Holden Thomas Scott Angels, roll the rock away Sacred 4 77. 77
Shiloh Oliver Holden William Robertson Fair as a blooming, tender flower Sacred 3 86. 86 (C.M.)
St. Alban's Oliver Holden Anne Steele My God, when-e'er my longing heart Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
St. Marc Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Sweet Complaint Oliver Holden Isaac Watts While of Thy absence we complain Sacred 3 88. 88 (L.M.)
Trust Oliver Holden John Needham Jesus, my Savior and my Lord Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Vernal Day Oliver Holden Anne Steele When verdure clothes the fertile vale Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)
Vine Oliver Holden Isaac Watts Behold the rose of Sharon here Sacred 4 88. 88 (L.M.)
Winter-Street Oliver Holden William Cowper The saints should never be dismayed Sacred 4 86. 86 (C.M.)