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Born: 29 March 1741, Sudbury, England

Died: 3 November 1797, Norwich, England


William Enfield was an English Unitarian pastor, hymn-writer, and compiler of hymn books. He is chiefly known because several authors of hymns were first published in his compilations.

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  • Enfield, William; Brekell, J.; compilers. 1764. A New Collection of Psalms Proper for Christian Worship. Known as the Liverpool Old Collection. Liverpool, England. Later eds., 1767, 1770, 1787.
  • Enfield, William; compiler. 1772. Hymns for Public Worship: Selected from Various Authors. Warrington and London, England.
  • Enfield, William; compiler. 1795. A Selection of Hymns for Social Worship. Norwich: J. March, and London:J. Johnson. 2nd ed., 1797, 3rd ed., 1802.

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