Chester Book of Motets 1

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General information

Title: Chester Book of Motets 1: The Italian School for 4 Voices

Series: Chester Book of Motets

Editors / Compilers: Anthony G. Petti

Publisher: Chester Music


ISBN-10: 0711920575
ISBN-13: 978-0711920576

Voicing of works: SATB

Date of Publication: 1977


Tip: Titles in the left column which appear in blue are hyperlinks to the score page on CPDL - click on them for free editions.

Ordered numerically by appearance in the book.

Note: This listing is of the original publication, published 1977. Future editions may vary in their contents.

Title Composer Usage
1 Christus Factus Est Felice Anerio Lent; Passiontide; General
2 Requiem Aeternam Giovanni Francesco Anerio All Souls; Funerals
3 O Sacrum Convivium Giovanni Croce Corpus Christi; Communion except in Lent
4 In Monte Oliveti Marco Antonio Ingegneri Lent; Passiontide
5 O Rex Gloriae Luca Marenzio Ascension
6 Tribus Miraculis Luca Marenzio Epiphany to Septuagesima
7 Alma Redemptoris Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Advent to Purification
8 Ego Sum Panis Vivus Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Corpus Christi; Communion
9 Sicut Cervus Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina Holy Saturday; Communion; General
10 Super Flumina Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina 20th Sunday after Pentecost; Lent
11 Regina Caeli Francesco Soriano Easter
12 Exsultate Justi Ludovico da Viadana General