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WP lists several settings (or versions?):

  • 1880 "O Salutaris Hostia"in F, choir and organ MS
  • 1880 "O Salutaris Hostia"in E-flat, choir and organ MS
  • 1882 "O Salutaris Hostia" in E-flat, bass solo and organ MS
  • 1888 "O Salutaris Hostia" choir, written 1880 Cary
  • 1898 "O Salutaris Hostia" choir unacc., in Tozer’s Benediction Manual No. 47 Cary}}

Vol. 12 of ECE won't be out before 2017, but it appears all versions are in Latin. Richard Mix (talk) 05:05, 5 January 2016 (UTC)