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#[[/LY |Pages using LY template]]
#[[/LY |Pages using LY template]]
#[[/extly |Pages using Extly template]]
#[[/extly |Pages using Extly template]]
#[[/ZIP |Pages using Zip template]]
#[[/PostedDate |Pages not using 'PostedDate' template]]
#[[/PostedDate |Pages not using 'PostedDate' template]]
#[[/NewWork |Pages using 'NewWork' template]]
#[[/NewWork |Pages using 'NewWork' template]]

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  1. NukeDPL
  2. List of work pages without PDF (neither ExtPDF nor Net template)
  3. List of work pages having PDF template but no MIDI one
  4. Text requests, sorted by page's date
  5. List of work pages having MID template but no PDF
  6. List of work pages having no ScoreInfo template
  7. Pages including a 'Broken' template
  8. IsNew list
  9. List of pages having no 'Editor' template
  10. 'To merge' list
  11. 'To split' list
  12. Pages not using any 'CPDLno' template
  13. List of composer pages without Whatlinkshere template
  14. List of lyricists pages without LyricistAutoList template
  15. Pages using MUS template (Finale icon), searching also within composers pages, not only works
  16. Pages using SIB template
  17. Pages using XML template
  18. Pages using MXL template
  19. Pages using Capx template
  20. Pages using Encore template
  21. Pages using LY template
  22. Pages using Extly template
  23. Pages using Zip template
  24. Pages not using 'PostedDate' template
  25. Pages using 'NewWork' template
  26. Pages not using 'Published' template
  27. Pages not using 'Instruments' template
  28. Pages using 'WorkSorter' template
  29. Listing for Cleanup-needed pages (with total and order by lastedit)
  30. List of text unavailable because of broken links
  31. Works with all editions withdrawn
  32. Works without any edition
  33. Works pages having at least one edition for which the reason for withdrawing needs to be changed.
  34. List of not-withdrawn edition records
  35. List of composer pages not using the SortWorks function
  36. List of works with remaining 'Recent_additions' template.
  37. Pages using '{{#Edition' parser function.

PDF: 27886

EXTPDF: 1364

MID: 22538

NET: 6665

LIL: 1890

IMSLP: 626

LinkText templates: 12462

LnkTxt templates:

Extension:DynamicPageList (DPL), version 3.3.3: Warning: No results.

Sans PDF, ni ExtPDF, ni Net 532