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This template is for use on Music publication pages; for Work pages, use the Template "Published".

This template scans the text of the first parameter of PubDatePlace for any four-digit year, and converts it into a link to "Category:YYYY publications". The page is simultaneously included in that category. Therefore, works that have a publication date are categorized accordingly.

The template accepts three parameters:

  1. A four digit date or substitute, such as "0850" or "ca. 1550"
  2. Details about the publication, such as name of publisher and place of publication
  3. Manuscript (if appropriate), Edition, Volume, Revision

Please always include all three parameters; if the third parameter is not used, put   in its place nonetheless.


{{PubDatePlace|<text (scanned)>|<text (displayed as-is)>|<text (displayed as-is)>}}


  • {{PubDatePlace|1564|by Le Roy and Ballard in Paris|Volume 1}}Publication date and place: 1564 by Le Roy and Ballard in Paris – Volume 1
  • {{PubDatePlace|ca. 1450||Manuscript}}Publication date and place: ca. 1450 – Manuscript

This template sets a variable, "mse", to yes or no, depending on whether the third parameter is "Manuscript"; the variable is used by Template:MultiPubList later on the same page.