The Suffolk Harmony (William Billings)

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General information


William Billings' book The Suffolk Harmony, consisting of Psalm Tunes, Fuges and Anthems was published in Boston in 1786. The title page descibes Billings as 'AUTHOR of the SINGING MASTERS ASSISTANT': the imprint states that the book was 'Engraved and Printed by J. NORMAN, for the Author, and Sold at his House near the Liberty-Pole'. The book was advertised as 'just published' in the Boston Independent Chronicle of 8 June 1786.

Description of contents

The book contains 29 metrical psalm or hymn tunes, and three pieces which are described as anthems: of these three, one (Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light) is a set-piece (i.e. a through-composed setting of a metrical text).

List of works

Pages Description Text
011-2 Shiloh (for Christmas). Words by Billings. Methinks I see a heavenly host
023-9 Union. An Anthem Ps. 133. Behold how good and joyful a thing it is
0310 Brattle Square. Words by Dr. Watts. Come let us join our cheerful songs
0410-12 Beneficence. Suitable for a Charity meeting. Words T.B. That man is blest who stands in awe
0512-14 Kittery. Words from Dr. Watts. Our Father who in heaven art
0614-16 Camden. Words from Dr. Watts. My soul, thy great Creator praise
0717-19 Northborough. Words anon. Behold the splendor, hear the shout
0819-21 Brattle Street. Words from Dr. Watts. Sweet is the work, my God, my King
0921-23 Wheelers Point. Words from T & B. When Sion’s God her sons recalled
1023-24 Richmond. Words by Relly. My beloved, haste away
1124-25 Madrid. Words by Relly. How charmingly sounds the word of the Lord
1225-26 Hartford. Words from Relly. Glorious Jesus, thy dear name to praise
1327-28 Mendom. Words from Relly. My Redeemer, let me be
1428-30 Petersburgh. Words from Watts. Thus saith the high, the lofty one
1530-33 An Anthem. Word from Dr. Watts. Lift up your eyes, ye sons of light
1633-34 Jordan. Words from Dr. Watts. There is a land of pure delight
1735 Restoration. Words from Relly. Greatly beloved, of God approved
1836-37 Phylanthropy. Words from Relly. Jesus, the Saviour from above
1937-39 Baptism. Words by Relly. O how doth God our souls surprise
2039-40 Moriah. Words from Relly. All over lovely is my Lord and God
2140-41 Election. Words from Relly. Thou art my blest portion, thou dear Nazarene
2241-42 West Boston. Words from Relly. Come, ye lovers of the Lamb
2342-43 Jerusalem. Words from Relly. All is hush, the battle’s o’er
2444 Conquest. Words from Relly. Sing the triumphs of your conquering
2545-46 Sinai. Words from Relly. All you who make the law your choice
2646-47 Hull. Words from Relly. We celebrate the praise today
2747 Glocester. Words from Relly. Jesus, thy name we praise
2848 Chelsea. Words from Relly. What beauties divine in Jesus do shine
2949-50 Burlington. Words from Relly. Canaan promised is before
3050-51 Moravia. Words from Relly. O love, what a secret to mortals thou art
3152-56 A Funeral Anthem. Words from Sundry Scriptures. Samuel the priest gave up the ghost
3256 Eden. Words from Dr. Watts. Those glorious minds, how bright they shine

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