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Born: unknown, Jeffreston, Wales

Died: 8 April 1777, Carew, Wales


John Relly was the brother of James Relly, and they were in ministry together for a time. These brothers co-authored a book of hymns in 1758. "John Relly does not seem to have been anything like as forceful or as eccentric [as his brother James]. In view of James's own statement that he was converted by Whitefield, the Moravian record attributing the conversion of the Rellys to John Harris of S. Kennox may perhaps be taken as referring to John Relly only. When James went to London, John Relly remained in charge of the meeting-houses belonging to their sect — Pembroke and Templeton (near Narberth) are the best known of these. He was on the friendliest terms with the Moravians of Haverfordwest; they frequently used his Templeton meeting-house… It seems, indeed, that he would have been quite willing for his sect to merge into the Brethren's Church, had it not been that the Brethren's polity was episcopal-presbyterian, whereas the Rellites were congregationalist. He died 8 April 1777 at Carew; the Moravian minister officiated at the burial. After his death the sect faded away." (Robert T. Jenkins, in Dictionary of Welsh Biography)

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