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A subcategory of [[:Category:choral music|choral music]] based on the number of parts. If the combination you are looking for is not here, plese use the search box on the left (or you can add a new entry).
* [[:Category:SATBB]]
* [[:Category:SATTB]]
* [[:Category:SATTT]]
* [[:Category:SSATB]]
* [[:Category:ATTBB]]
[[Category:Number of voices]]

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This subcategory of Voicing is for choral works with 5 parts, not counting any choral solos or minor divisi sections in which one or more parts might be divided in two.

If a work has substantial divisi sections, then it will (or at least should) be categorized in a way that takes into account the number of parts including the divisi parts. Thus, a choral work with soprano, alto, tenor, and bass parts whose soprano and bass parts are extensively divided, should not be voiced as SATB (a subcategory of 4-part choral music); instead, it should be voiced as SSATBB (a subcategory of 6-part choral music). The most typical example of this is "SATB divisi" choral music, in which all four parts are extensively subdivided into two parts: this should be voiced as SSAATTBB, which is a subcategory of 8-part choral music (not of 4-part choral music).

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