6 Notturni (Nocturnos, Kanzonetten) (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

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General information


This work has been misattributed.
See notes for details and correct composer below or see the discussion page.

The 6 nocturnes, canzonette or terzetti are listed as KV 346 (K6 439a), 436-439 & 549 in the Köchel catalogue of compositions by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Recent scholarship (and the NMA) tends to take at face value Constanze Mozart's statement that the first 5 are by Gottfried von Jacquin (son of the famous botanist) to which Mozart added accompaniments for reeds. Watermark studies suggest 1783 as a likely date.

KV 549 is listed in Mozart's own catalogue of his works and dated Vienna, 16 July 1788.

List of works

No. Köchel incipit text source German version accompaniment comments
1. 439 Due pupille amabili from L'incognita perseguitata
by Giuseppe Petroselinni, 1727-97)
Zwei allerliebste Äugelein 3 basset horns
2. 438 Se lontan, ben mio, tu sei Metastasio: Strofe per musica Bist du fern von mir, mein Leben 2 clarinets & basset horn
3. 436 Ecco quel fiero istante Metastasio: Canzonetti Naht nun die Abschiedsstunde 3 basset horns
4. 437 Mi lagnerò tacendo, Metastasio: Siroe Ich trage still mein Leiden 2 clarinets & basset horn
5. 346
Luci care, luce belle unidentified poet Ihr geliebten Augensterne 3 basset horns
6. 549 Più non si trovano Metastasio: Olimpiade Unter der Liebenden
zahlreichen Scharen
3 basset horns attribution to Mozart is unquestioned
See also 3 nokturna (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)