Ivo de Vento

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Aliases: Yvo de Vento


Born: Flanders (Antwerp?) between c1543 and 1545

Died: 1575, Munich

Biography: Vento joined the Bavarian Hofkapelle in Munich under Lassus at a time of reorganization during which Flemish singers were newly in fashion. In 1560 he went to Venice to study with Merulo, but returned to Munich were he held several posts until his death.

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List of choral works

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      • Latinae cantiones, quas vulgo moteta vocant, 4vv (1569)
      • Latinae cantiones, quas vulgo moteta vocant, 5vv (1570)
      • Liber motetorum, 4vv (1571)
      • Mutetae aliquot sacrae, 4vv (1574)
      • Neue teutsche Liedlein, 5vv (1569)
      • Neue teutsche Lieder, 4–6vv (1570)
      • Neue teutsche Lieder, 4vv, samt zweien Dialogen (1570, altered to 1571)
      • Neue teutsche Lieder, 3vv (1572)
      • Schöne auserlesene neue teutsche Lieder, 4vv (1572)
      • Teutsche Lieder, 5vv, samt einem Dialogo, 8vv (1573)
      • 5 motetae, 2 madrigalia, [2] gallicae cantiones … et 4 germanicae, 5, 8, 9vv (1575)

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