Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart


Born: 27 January 1756

Died: 5 December 1791


View the Wikipedia article on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

List of choral works



This ordering is chronological, based on Köchel catalogue (6th edition) and subsequent MS dating by Alan Tyson. For spurious attributions see Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - list of masses as well.

  1. Missa solemnis in C minor, KV 139 'Waisenhausmesse' (47a) – individual movements available
  2. Missa brevis in G major, KV 49 (47d)
  3. Missa brevis in D minor, KV 65 (61a)
  4. Missa brevis in G major, KV 140 (doubtful attrib.)
  5. Missa solemnis in C major, KV 66 'Dominicusmesse'
  6. Missa in C major (in honorem Sanctissimae Trinitatis), KV 167
  7. Missa brevis in F major, KV 192
  8. Missa brevis in D major, KV 194 (186h)
  9. Missa brevis in C, KV 220 'Spatzen-Messe'
  10. Missa longa in C major, KV 262 (246a)
  11. Missa brevis in C major, KV 258 'Piccolomini'
  12. Missa brevis in C major, KV 257 'Credo'
  13. Missa brevis in C Major, KV 259 'Organ solo' 2ob 2cl 2tymp 3ps 2vln BC
  14. Missa brevis in B flat, KV 275
  15. Missa solemnis in C major, KV 317 'Krönungsmesse' or Coronation mass)
  16. Missa solemnis in C major, KV 337 'Missa aulica'
  17. Missa solemnis in C minor, KV 427 (417a) 'Great Mass'
  18. Requiem in D minor, K 626


Other sacred

Masonic music


  1. Due pupille amabili / Zwei allerliebste Äugelein, KV 439
  2. Se lontan, ben mio, tu sei / Bist du fern von mir, mein Leben, KV 438
  3. Ecco quel fiero istante / Naht nun die Abschiedsstunde, KV 436
  4. Mi lagnerò tacendo / Ich trage still mein Leiden, KV 437
  5. Luci care, luci belle / Ihr geliebten Augensterne, KV 346 (439a)
  6. Più non si trovano / Unter der Liebenden zahlreichen Scharen, KV 549*La clemenza di Tito

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